Translations from English and Spanish to Dutch
I have been offering translation and editing services to publishers, museums, authorities and service and manufacturing industries since 1995. I only translate into Dutch, my native language, to ensure idiomatically correct and appropriate target texts.

Two main specialties
During my training and practice as a product designer and model maker, I gained a fair amount of knowledge about engineering processes and industrial design. Later, I studied Spanish language and literature at Radboud University (with a minor in English translation) and started translating both fiction and nonfiction from Spanish and English into Dutch. From there, it was just a small step to translate both technical documents (such as manuals and catalogues) and more eloquent, persuasive texts (marketing and advertising).

When translation is not enough: transcreation and copy writing
Translated ads and other publicity texts often don’t hit their mark, because to be effective they require a degree of conceptual adaptation that goes beyond translation. In many cases, writing a brand new text in Dutch, based on your specifications, may be more effective. This is what I have been doing since 1997, as a copy writer for web sites and for advertising copy.

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