How to prepare your texts?

Use editable formats
Always make sure that the documents you hand over for translation can be edited. PDF files, for instance, first have to be converted to text, and in that process formatting and even the text flow may be lost. Documents created in Word, Excel, HTML and plain text editors can be translated without loss with most translation tools.

Check your documents, and then check them again
Always check the spelling of your documents and read them once again to see if the message is clear. A common source for translation errors is ambiguity. For instance, ‘Edit View’ could be a noun (a ‘view’ in software in which data can be edited), but it could also be a verb (an imperative telling people to edit a particular view).

Provide enough context
For texts that don’t provide much context like the example mentioned above, I recommend delivering adequate, consistent background information, glossaries, etcetera.